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Services Include:

Crown & Bridge|Veneers

Tooth Whitening

Preventative Dentistry

Fissure Sealants

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Dentist on Collins- Dentist in Melbourne  is Awarded Full Accreditation

HICAPS - Health Industry Claims and Payments Service.

Dr Skinner( Dentist Melbourne )  is part of the The Dentists for Cleaner Water (DCW) Program


FEBRUARY 2014 -Dentist on Collins Awarded Full Accreditation

Dentist on Collins Awarded National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards Full Accreditation

Late last year Dentist on Collins applied for and was awarded full accreditation in accordance with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, applicable to dentistry.

Accreditation for private dental practices ensures that a set of standards are met and encourages continual improvement.

The six standards applicable to dentistry are as follows:

  1. Standard 1: Governance for Safety and Quality in Health Service Organisations
  2. Standard 2: Partnering with Consumers
  3. Standard 3: Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections
  4. Standard 4: Medication Safety
  5. Standard 5: Patient Identification and Procedure Matching
  6. Standard 6: Clinical Handover

Dentist on Collins is committed to a continual improvement and a high standard for your and your family’s safety. When visiting Dentist on Collins always feel free to ask questions about your treatment.


Dental Health week commences on the 5th of August. The Australian Dental Association has put together a comprehensive publication aimed at young adults. "The Young Persons Oral Survival Guide" can be downloaded on the dental health week website free of charge. You can obtain a copy by clicking on the following:

We suggest reading this guide and at your next dental appointment feel free to discuss any questions you may have as to how this may affect you or what your best strategy is to improve your changes of maintaining your dental health.

Also worth checking out is the Oral Cancer Facts website on

Remember both prevention and early detection is ideal for your oral and general health.


Do you play contact sport?

Depending on the severity of a blow wearing a custom fitted mouthguard can reduce the chance of damage by 80% or more.

To make one, impressions of your upper and lower teeth are taken. This means that when it comes to comfort, a custom made mouthguard is a lot better fitting and comfortable than the store bought one. With a custom fitted mouthguard you can still talk and breathe properly.

Custom fitted mouthguards are more expensive than over the counter ones, but that cost is very small compared to a lifetime of dental treatment to treat a sports injury.

To look after them just rinse them under cold water after use and store them in the container they came in.

Mouthguards can be made in different colours i.e. team colours, and remember if you do have any new restorations bring your mouthguard in with you at your dental visit so we can asses if it still fits properly so that it continues to be effective.

Remember when rehydrating during and after playing sport, energy drinks contain significant amounts of sugar. In most cases plain water is still the best way to rehydrate.

February 2012

HICAPS - Health Industry Claims and Payments Service.

We now have automatic claim processing available at our practice.
With Hicaps you are able to claim on the spot, no more waiting in queues and filling out forms.

October 2011

Once again Zoom! Whitening Pens are $77, including GST.
Great for touch ups on the go.

April 2011

Our Zoom Whitening & Hygiene Special for April (extended to 30th May 2011) includes:

  • Check up/Scale and Clean
  • Zoom in chair whitening
  • Free sensitive tooth paste and brush

The cost for the month of April (extended to 30th May 2011) only is $600, includes GST

Please note non refundable deposit of $200 required when booking the appointment.
Visa, MasterCard or American Express accepted.

March 2011

Introducing Kate Jolly - Oral Health Therapist.

Kate has recently joined our practice and possess qualifications in both dental hygiene and dental therapy.

Kate's passion is preventative care. At your appointment Kate can make an assessment as to what lifestyle factors may be stopping you from reaching an optimum level of dental health and work through them with you.

If it's tooth whitening you are after,  Kate can help you get wonderful results with Zoom Whitening, or our take home whitening system when combined with a preventative care regime.

Kate loves to work with children and can help establish good dental habits for life.

Please call the surgery on 9662 1505 if you have any questions regarding Kate's services or require an appointment.

October 2010

Zoom! Whitening Pen

Zoom! Whitening Pen $77 offer extended, while stocks last.

September 2010

For long lasting instant relief from sensitivity visit to find out about pro-relief.

August 09

Oral Health Month
Visit the following website for information on oral health and offers available this August.
May 09

Zoom! Whitening Pen $77 while stocks last.
April 09
Executive Package

Introducing our new dental hygiene and home teeth whitening package. Special introductory offer of $500, over $599 in value. Designed for those busy individuals who want to include teeth whitening as part of their home care routine.
Find out more>>>

March 09
"Zoom 2" Tooth Whitening Special Offer Extended
Teeth Whitening Technology to get a Dazzling White Smile.
Fast, Convenient and Long lasting. Find out more>>>
January O9
Zoom Whitening Pens - Special Offer $77 inc GST while stocks last!
We are pleased to announce that we now have the Zoom Whitening Pen available at our practice.

The Zoom Whitening Pen is a convenient way for you to maintain your white smile. It's fast and easy to use. Just two applications a day is all that is needed. It can be applied day or night, and has a great mint flavour. To use apply a thin layer on the front of your teeth. The formula dries instantly and goes to work while you are either on the go or relaxing at home. You will notice changes after just a few days of use. Please refrain from eating for half an hour after each application.

This method of whitening is great for those who have already had in chair whitening or trays in the past and want a quick easy way to maintain their smile. It's convenient, easy to carry and fuss free. As with all whitening products crowns, veneers and composite materials will not be lightened only natural teeth will. Of course the Zoom pen may assist in the removal of stains caused by diet and lifestyle for example, smoking, drinking coffee and red wine.

The pen has approximately thirty applications and there are two click pens in each kit with 5.25% hydrogen peroxide. You can buy the whitening pens from us for $110 (including GST).

Summer Special Offer - Zoom Whitening Pens - $77 inc GST while stocks last!

Dental Health Week - August 4- August 10
The Dental Health Week Website has information for parents and teachers on a range of topics including fluoride, diet and first aid for childrens teeth.
March 08
GC Dry Mouth Gel
After inviting selected patients to test samples of GC Dry Mouth Gel, the team at Dr Skinner’s Dental Surgery have decided that it’s a worthwhile product to promote.

Dry Mouth Gel is wonderful for those who may suffer from a dry mouth as a result of mouth breathing during sleep, or for those who have drug induced dry mouth from over-the-counter or prescription drugs. Patients undergoing cancer therapies such as radiation or chemotherapy, or those who have chronic conditions like diabetes mellitus, may find relief for up to four hours by a single application of the gel.

Applying the gel is easy, apply a generous amount on a clean finger and smear over the teeth and mouth. This can be done at anytime. When applying it at night do so after you have brushed your teeth.

GC Dry Mouth Gel comes in a variety of flavours, and can be used in conjunction with GC Tooth Mousse. Most importantly it helps to promote a healthy oral flora which is beneficial to your dental health.

You can buy GC Dry Mouth Gel for the special price of $15.50 (including GST) when you next visit the surgery.

We are not generally a retail outlet but we do stock the following items for retail sale for your convenience:

• GC Dry Mouth Gel
• GC Tooth Mousse
• Recaldent chewing gum
• Colgate Toothbrushes

January 2008
Look younger in 2008! Zoom 2 Tooth Whitening Special Offer extended for 2008.
Call the surgery on 9662 1505 to arrange a time.

"Zoom 2" Chairside Whitening System - Special Offer $990*
"Zoom 2" Whitening is fast and convenient, long lasting, proven to be safe and effective and unlike bleaching procedures of the past, low in sensitivity*. Most importantly it is performed by a dental professional. For immediate long lasting results "Zoom 2" Whitening is the best option available to you.
*Includes check up, scale and clean and take home maintenance trays.

Read more about Tooth Whitening>>

Please email Dr Skinner at with any questions you may have regarding whitening your teeth or "Zoom 2".

*If you are concerned about tooth sensitivity ask Dr Skinner about GC Tooth Mousse.

April 2007

Zoom 2 has been extremely popular and our patients are very happy with the results. To make it available to a greater number of people we are extending the special offer of $990 throughout winter.

Please call the surgery on 9662 1505 to arrange a time, as always if you have any questions please email

What is "Zoom 2" ?
"Zoom 2" is light activated whitening gel. The gel’s active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide. The Zoom 2 light helps to activate the hydrogen peroxide aiding it to penetrate the surface of the tooth, without compromising your tooth’s surface.

Everyone has different dental needs, please email Dr Skinner at with any questions you may have regarding "Zoom 2".

August 2005 - Prevention of Tooth Decay - Benefits of Recaldent
Recent television coverage has highlighted the benefits of chewing Recaldent chewing gum in preventing and reversing very early carious lesions (tooth decay). Recaldent is rich in calcium and phosphates in a balance that re-mineralises tooth enamel hence repairing the tooth before the lesion is so large that a conventional restoration (filling) is required. Of course nowadays mercury free restorations are the norm, which are made of tooth coloured composite resin that bonds to the tooth. With the advent of Recaldent and tooth mousse in the near future all decays will be detected early enough to make conventional fillings (even tooth coloured ones) obsolete.

Tooth mousse is a paste form of the same ingredients as Recaldent but is applied to the vulnerable parts of a clean tooth and left there usually at bedtime to re-mineralise tooth tissue. This is particularly effective in older patients that are vulnerable to tooth root caries, at risk patients like diabetics and is wonderful in reducing tooth sensitivity during bleaching (tooth whitening).

Tooth Mousse is available at Dr Skinner's Dental Surgery. Contact the Dental Surgery today to ask any questions you may have about the prevention of tooth decay using Tooth Mousse.

Poor Oral Hygiene links to Heart Disease and Cancer
There is evidence to support that there is a direct link between poor oral hygiene and heart disease and cancer. This is because of chronic low-grade infections in the mouth overloading the immune system thus putting the person at greater risk of heart disease and some cancers (See Time Magazine February 23, 2004).
Good oral hygiene has many benefits beyond clean teeth and fresh breath and is achieved in two equally important ways.

Firstly professional care in the way of thorough examination and the removal of calculus, plaque, dental decay and restoration of the dentition to good function is essential.

Secondly homecare comprising brushing, flossing and a good diet will ensure that you have healthy teeth for life and the added benefit of reduced risk to heart disease and cancer.

We will be updating this page whenever exciting developments occur either in the dental world or our in practice. If you would like to receive notification of when this occurs send us an email with your details

Your e-mail or any other personal details will not be given out to a third party, this is in accordance with our
privacy policy.


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