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Services Include:

Crown & Bridge|Veneers

Tooth Whitening

Preventative Dentistry

Fissure Sealants

Dentist on Collins Awarded Full Accreditation

HICAPS - Health Industry Claims and Payments Service.

Dr Skinner is part of the The Dentists for Cleaner Water (DCW) Program

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Comprehensive Dental Care/Take Home Bleaching Trays
Executive Package

The above package has been put together for those who want a quick but effective trip to the dentist to consist of their six monthly check up, a scale & clean and the management of their teeth whitening.T

This package consists of:

  • Check up
  • Scale and Clean*
  • Professionally fitted whitening trays**
  • Tray case
  • 8 syringes of DayWhite bleaching gel with applicator tip
  • Tooth Mousse – To reduce sensitivity


  • A syringe of DayWhite is given free when you return for your six monthly check up and Scale and Clean. For more details please click on the following:

    Call 9662 1505 today and make an appointment with us for your Comprehensive Dental Care/Take Home Bleaching Trays Executive Package

** Trays will be available within 5 working days in most cases. They are custom fitted trays, made especially for you. Impressions are taken of your mouth during your appointment. Trays will be held in the surgery, where they can be picked up during your lunch break or another mutually convenient time.

* If you haven’t had a scale and clean for a while and have heavy calculus deposits or significant staining from lifestyle factors such as coffee, smoking or red wine this may attract an extra fee.

Tooth Whitening Management by Melbourne Dentist Dr Richard Skinner

Dr Skinner's Dental Surgery is located in the City of Melbourne:


Dentist Melbourne
Dr Skinner's Dental Surgery is located in the City of Melbourne:
Suite 2 on the 9th Floor, 15 Collins Street. Melbourne 3000

Collins Street Dentist - Melbourne,
Dentist Located in the CBD, Melbourne

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