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Services Include:

Crown & Bridge|Veneers

Tooth Whitening

Preventative Dentistry

Fissure Sealants

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Zoom Teeth Whitening - Melbourne

"Zoom 2" Chairside Whitening System
"Zoom 2" Whitening is fast and convenient, long lasting, proven to be safe and effective and unlike bleaching procedures of the past, low in sensitivity*. Most importantly it is performed by a dental professional. For immediate long lasting results "Zoom 2" Whitening is the best option available to you.

Includes check up, an normal scale and clean* and take home maintenance trays.
*If you have been having regular six monthly check ups and scale and cleans then a normal scale and clean is sufficient. However heavy build up of calculus requires a heavy scale and clean and this attracts an increased fee. A scale and clean is important in order to reach optimal results with the Zoom Whitening procedure. Dr Skinner and staff are happy to discuss this with you during your first appointment

Please email Dr Skinner at with any questions you may have regarding whitening your teeth or "Zoom 2".

*If you are concerned about tooth sensitivity ask Dr Skinner about GC Tooth Mousse.

FREE DayWhite - Special Zoom offer
All new Zoom Whitening customers will be given a free syringe of DayWhite 9.5 %, tooth whitening solution to use in conjuction with their bleaching trays, when they come in for their six monthly check-up.
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Tooth Whitening using a Teeth Whitening System - Zoom 2

What is "Zoom 2" ?
"Zoom 2" is light activated whitening gel. The gel’s active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide. The Zoom 2 light helps to activate the hydrogen peroxide aiding it to penetrate the surface of the tooth, without compromising your tooth’s surface.

How long do the results last?
Your teeth will always be lighter than they were prior to undergoing the "Zoom 2" procedure. However to keep your teeth looking their optimal best, flossing, brushing twice a day, regular dental checkups and occasional touch ups with Zoom products is recommended and strongly advised.

What is involved for the “Zoom 2” bleaching procedure?
We always need two appointments for the “Zoom 2” process. The first appointment is to have a general look around your mouth and discuss what you want to achieve as a final result. Some tooth shades respond better to others to the bleaching process. We check your medical history as there are some contra indications such as pregnancy and photo sensitive drugs. We get you to check through the full list of them at this time. Then we take impressions of your teeth so that custom trays can be made ready for your next appointment. Next we clean your teeth to remove any calculus and plaque. This all takes about half an hour.

The next appointment is for about an hour and a half. We isolate the teeth to be bleached and apply the bleaching gel a total of three times for 15 minutes each time. The teeth are then coated with a protective re-hydrating gel and you are given the after care instructions together with your custom trays and over night gel.

Everyone has different dental needs, please email Dr Skinner at with any questions you may have regarding whitening your teeth and "Zoom 2".

Dr Skinner's Dental Surgery is located in the City of Melbourne


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Dr Skinner's Dental Surgery is located in the City of Melbourne:
Suite 2 on the 9th Floor, 15 Collins Street. Melbourne 3000

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